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MARBLE Countertops in Virginia

One Stop Countertop provides marble fabrication and installation service to help you design your kitchen with best marble countertops in Maryland. Most people are familiar with the veined patterns of marble stone, but the favorite of many homeowners for kitchen countertops is classic white marble. Some experts believe that that white of white marbles is the closest nature gets to true white in natural stones, and it has a distinct kind of beauty. We have a large collection of marble countertops in VA warehouse.


What is Marble?

The term “marble” is taken from the Greek word “marmaron” which means to shine or shimmer, or crystalline rock. It was popularly used as material for sculpting because it had a translucent gleam that was hard to resist. Marble is a metamorphosed rock, meaning it was once something that changed into something else. In this case, marble was once a block of carbonate rock, usually dolomite or limestone. The essential character of the original rock (prololith) changed under intense heat and pressure, which destroyed the original structure of the carbonate. As the pressure eased, the carbonate mineral reformed into interlocking crystals, forming marble. The white marble described above is formed from nearly pure limestone. The veined and colored marble which most of us are familiar with resulted from a prololith that mixed with other minerals such as iron, sand, clay, or silt during crystallization, resulting in the many variations we see today.

How Much would be the Marble Countertop’s Cost?

Marble Countertop prices may vary between 1400 usd to 2000 usd depending on your selection. To give you an idea of prices, here is some approximations. A marble Countertop price could be $1,399 up to 30sq FT, could be $1,699 up to 40sq FT, and could be $1,899 up to 50sq FT. However these prices would vary on the offer you receive from us.

What are the features of Marble as a Countertop?

Having said as much, white marble is not the only player in town. Marble comes in a wide variety of lovely patterns that is unmatched in any other type of natural stone, which is why it attracts so many fans. They lend elegance and character to any room, and it has its functional side as well. Marble countertops are the top choice for pastry chefs because it is ultra-smooth and maintains its coolness no matter the ambient temperature.

However, public perception is that marble is high maintenance, which makes people hesitant to use them in their own homes. While marble does have some limitations, it is hardly as bad as some people would want you to believe. To understand marble, one has to understand what it is, and how it should be treated so that it will not only look good, but feel good to use in the kitchen as well as any part of the home.

Relatively soft

Marble is a popular material for sculpting because of its inherent beauty, and it has also become popular in construction for the same reason. However, it is not perhaps the best natural stone for heavy-duty use. Marble works perfectly as sculpting material because it is relatively soft, so it is easier to carve, yet not so soft (like limestone) that it is not durable. It also gives of a distinct glow when it is polished. The fact that it is soft and somewhat porous is less of an advantage when used as a countertop, though.


There is also the problem of composition. Because marble is made of carbonate minerals, it reacts to exposure to acids. The acid “eats” or etches into the surface, even when it is sealed. However, beauty is a matter of perspective, and since the nature of marble is to react to acids, etchings may be considered as part and parcel of what makes marble. Many homeowners that have a clear-eyed view of what to expect when bringing marble into their homes derive much pleasure from their marble countertops, etchings and all. For them, this is gradual aging only lends character and distinctiveness, and will eventually blend into the stone itself.

High maintenance

That is not to say that one should be careless with their marble countertops. One does have to go to some lengths to keep it pristine, if that is the preference. There are certain measures that can minimize damage to a beautiful piece of marble, but often the choice of marble can facilitate care and maintenance. Carrara marble, for instance, is more durable and nonporous than other marbles, aside from being white, so this makes it a good choice for a kitchen countertop. On the other hand, choosing darker marble can also make etchings much less noticeable.

How can the finish protect marble?

There are two types of finishes for marble, honed and polished. A polished surface often looks more attractive and protects against stains, but for better wear requiring less care, a honed finish may be indicated.


Polished marble has a high gloss to it, typically accomplished by using a polishing tool very similar to your home car polisher. The smooth surface helps prevent staining, but not scratches and etches. Think it as a mirror; every little bit of smudge is immediately noticeable. The shininess of the finish does not last, so it requires regular polishing to keep it looking pristine.

However, polished marble looks very shiny and bright, so it may be a good choice for surfaces that get very little traffic, such as a mantle.


Honed marble has a matte as opposed to glossy finish. It has a satiny feel that repels scratches much more successfully. The honed look is typically accomplished using a sanding machine that smoothens without polishing. It does not show scratches quite as much as polished marble. However, because it is sanded, the marble becomes more porous and thus more vulnerable to stains and etchings. For this reason, honed marble has to be sealed.


Marble countertops are not perfect, but they certainly make any home look elegant and distinctive. If you are looking for a countertop to abuse and neglect, you should not get a marble one. However, if you have an eye for beauty, and the willingness to give it the care it needs, you will really love a good quality marble countertop.

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