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Naturally tough and pretty much indestructible, granite countertops are at the center of the trendy kitchen. The wide variety of possibilities accessible at One Stop Countertop will give you the option of choosing a stone with stunning shade and movement, generating granite the focal point of your area. Conversely, you can opt for a granite that quietly harmonizes with your other layout selections; offering A very practical, very low-maintenance floor. Quite a few end solutions can also be accessible to further personalize your challenge. Do not miss out on our recent arrivals area where by we unveil our newest shipments, or end by amongst our showrooms to find out these marvels in person.


Granite Showroom, Granite Slabs Showroom

Our Granite showroom is the area’s premier resource for learning about the latest kitchen trends, granite color options and answers to your kitchen counter tops, kitchen islands or bathroom vanity questions.

Appointments typically take about an hour, although we are dedicated to giving you as much time as you require. We understand your project is a big investment – we are with you every step of the way. We encourage multiple visits, if needed, to make your countertop selection.

Here is a list of Available Slabs in our Showroom. For precise information Please give us a call –> 703-677-5118


One Stop Countertop provides granite fabrication and installation service to help you design your kitchen with best granite slabs in Virginia. Granite has been used since the time of the ancient Egyptians because of natural durability and beauty. It has been valued for millennial for its beauty and durability.  Back in the day, it was difficult to extract, and even harder to polish, which made it very expensive. With today’s technology, granite has become affordable enough to be the preferred material for countertops, surrounds, and splash-guards in the homes of discerning owners. We have a large collection of granite countertops in VA warehouse.

What is a Granite Slab?

Granite is a type of coarse-grained igneous rock, which means it was formed from cooling magma from a volcano. The name is derived from the Latin “granum” which means grain, referring to its coarse nature. Because it forms when magma cools slowly, the structure is holocrystalline; the crystals harden in an interlocked manner rather than as individual crystals.

Granite is called a felsic rock because it is rich in feldspar and quartz. It also contains mica and horneblend, which is a dark type of silica. Depending on the composition of the slab, it has varying combinations of pink, gray and white. For a slab of igneous rock to be classified as granite, it has to be made up of at least 65% alkali feldspar and 20% quartz.

Some slabs that may look like granite but do not contain these minimum amounts of feldspar and quartz are prefaced with the terms “granitoid” or “granitic.” The distinction can be important in determining the hardness of the slab. Granite has become popular in construction precisely because it is hard and tough.

What are the advantages of granite as countertop material?

Durable and low maintenance

Because granite crystals are interlocked, it makes it harder to take apart. This makes it ideal as material for countertops because it does not easily scratch, even if you use a knife on it. It is not proof against a sledgehammer or other deliberate attempts to cause damage, of course, but otherwise it is hardy enough to last as long as the house remains standing, and perhaps much longer than that.

This interlocking structure also reduces the porosity of granite to the point that it is generally stain proof, so it is easy to clean and sanitize. However, many granite slabs may have micro fissures that will cause small irregularities to appear on the surface. Commercially prepared granite is sealed to smoothed out these irregularities and to make it even more durable and low maintenance. At most, you may need to reapply the sealant once in a while.


No two granite slabs are exactly alike, even if they have the same composition. Nature rarely creates something that is not unique, which is why natural stone is such a distinctive part of any décor. Granite is available in an infinite combination of colors and patterns, depending on its mineralogy. A slight variation in the percentage of feldspar or mica in the mix can produce a completely different appearance. While white, pink and gray are the most common colors, you may encounter some orange, blue, and green in there as well.

You may decide on a slab because you like the color combination or the pattern, but it does not hurt to know why it happens to be that way. Here are the crystals that determine the color of your granite countertop. See if you can identify each one.


Granite is made up mostly of quartz, a colorless crystal that may take on the hues of other minerals around it clearly or through a smoky haze. It fills the gap between other crystals, but since it is colorless, it does not dominate as the primary color. What it does do is make the rock shock-proof, heat-proof, and resilient.


Running a close second to quartz in quantity, feldspar creates the color combinations and striations peculiar to granite. It can have an endless variation of pink, yellow, orange, and blue hues. When the feldspar is predominantly dark, you get clack granite.


Mica lends a silvery or metallic sheen to the slab, but while the underlying color may also be silver, mica can be violet, pink, brown, or even black. A shimmery, dark-colored granite slab will probably have a higher than average concentration of mica in the mix, unless the quantity of dark feldspar effectively overshadows it.


One of the most familiar type of granite is the salt and pepper look, and that is created when there is a good amount of the gray horneblend crystals in the mix.

The best features of granite come naturally, and while design has no practical value, it does lend certain panache to an otherwise functional feature such as a countertop. The sheer variety of unique slabs to choose from makes it an easy favorite for interior decorators and homeowners alike.


Last, but certainly not least, a big advantage of granite for countertops is affordability. It is not the least expensive of countertop materials, but it has far more to offer. For one thing, it can stand more abuse and requires less maintenance than tile or wooden countertops. For another, it is much easier to install a granite countertop than tiles. Finally, it is far safer to have granite as your kitchen working area than any other countertop material because of its relatively non-porosity.

Another good reason to choose granite is it is less expensive than marble. However, with the right markings and polishing, granite can easily be mistaken for its more expensive cousin. If you are striving to create a high-end look, but your budget simply will not accommodate marble, granite is your best possible option. In addition, granite is much more durable than marble, so you are hitting two birds with one stone. You get the look of marble, but not the problems that go with it.

There is so much to like about granite countertops that it is no wonder that it is the top choice of architects, interior designers, and homeowners. Your biggest problem is choosing just the right one to go with your décor.



Here is our Full List of Granite Stones and Granite Slabs.


Absolute Black Honed Slab

Absolute Black Premium

Absolute Black Premium Polished Slab

Absolute Black Suede

Absolute Black Suede Slab

African Cream

African Cream Polished Slab

African Persa

African Persa Polished Slab

African Tapestry

African Tapestry Polished Slab


Amadeus Polished Slab

Amarillo Pearl

Amarillo Pearl Polished Slab


Amarone Polished Slab

Andino White

Andino White Polished Slab

Antique Luna close up 2

Antique Luna Polished Slab

Antique Platinum

Antique Platinum Polished Slab

Aphrodite Extra

Aphrodite Extra Labradorite Polished Slab

Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose Polished Slab

Azul Aran

Azul Aran Polished Slab

Baltic Brown

Baltic Brown Polished Slab


Bellini Polished Slab


Betularie Polished Slab

Bianco Antico

Bianco Antico Polished Slab

Bianco Kashmir

Bianco Kashmir Polished Slab

Bianco Paradiso

Bianco Paradiso Polished Slab

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy Polished Slab

Black Pearl

Black Pearl Polished Slab

Blanco Leblon

Blanco Leblon Polished Slab

Blue Bahia Close Up

Blue Bahia Polished Slab

Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl Polished Slab


Bordeaux Polished Slab

Bordeaux River

Bordeaux River Polished Slab

Brazilian Arabescato

Brazilian Arabescato Quartzite Polished Slab


Caledonia Polished Slab


Centaurus Polished Slab

Coast Green

Coast Green Polished Slab

Colonial Gold

Colonial Gold Polished Slab

Colonial White Close Up

Colonial White Polished Slab


Copenhagen Polished Slab

Copper Dune Suede

Copper Dune Suede Slab

Costa Smerelda

Costa Smerelda Polished Slab

Cream Beach Polished Slab

Cream Beach Polished Slab


Cristallo Polished Slab

Dahlia White

Dahlia White Polished Slab

Dallas White Granite

Dallas White Polished Slab

Delicattus Cream

Delicattus Cream Polished Slab

Delicattus Cream Suede

Delicattus Cream Suede Slab


Delicattus Polished Slab

Delicattus Supreme Polished Slab

Delicattus Supreme Polished Slab

Dynasty Brown

Dynasty Brown Polished Slab

Elegant Brown

Elegant Brown Polished Slab


Exodus Polished Slab


Fantastic White Slab

Fantastic White Polished Slab

Fantasy Brown

Fantasy Brown Polished Slab

Fantasy Brown Suede

Fantasy Brown Suede Slab

Fiore Bianco

Fiore Bianco Polished Slab


Fusion Polished Slab

Giallo Beach

Giallo Beach Polished Slab

Giallo Fiorito Dark

Giallo Fiorito Dark Polished Slab

Giallo Fiorito Dark Suede

Giallo Fiorito Dark Suede Slab

Giallo Napoleon

Giallo Napoleon Polished Slab

Giallo Verona Polished Slab

Giallo Verona Polished Slab

Global Brown

Global Brown Polished Slab

Global Oro

Global Oro Polished Slab

Global Oro Suede

Global Oro Suede Slab

Golden Cascade closeup2

Golden Cascade slab2

Golden Cascade Polished Slab

Golden Crystal

Golden Crystal Polished Slab

Golden Lightning

Golden Lightning Polished Slab

Golden Lightning

Golden Lightning Suede Slab

Golden Persia

Golden Persia Polished Slab

Golden Thunder

Golden Thunder Polished Slab

Gray Star

Gray Star Polished Slab

Hawaii Polished Slab

Ice Brown

Ice Brown Polished Slab

Impala Black

Impala Black Polished Slab

Indian Brown Close Up

Indian Brown Polished Slab

Jet Mist Honed closeup2

Jet Mist Honed Slab

Juperana Fantasy

Juperana Fantasy Polished Slab

Juperana Persa Brown

Juperana Persa Brown Polished Slab

Juperana Sunset

Juperana Sunset Polished Slab

Labrador Green

Labrador Green Polished Slab

Labrador Green Suede

Labrador Green Suede Slab

Labrador Silver Flake

Labrador Silver Flake Polished Slab

Lapidus Gold

Lapidus Gold Polished Slab

Lumi White close up 3

Lumi White Polished Slab

Luna Pearl

Luna Pearl Polished Slab

Marron Cohiba

Marron Cohiba Polished Slab

Marron Cohiba Suede

Marron Cohiba Suede Slab

Milky Way Brushed

Milky Way Brushed Slab

Milky Way Honed

Milky Way Honed Slab

Milky Way Polished

Milky Way Polished Slab


Mokoro Polished Granite Slab

Monte Carlo Bordeaux

Monte Carlo Bordeaux Polished Slab


Nakarado Polished Slab

Namibian Gold

Namibian Gold Polished Slab

Napoli Polished Granite

Napoli Polished Slab

Nero Marinace Gold

Nero Marinace Gold Polished Slab

New Azul Aran

New Azul Aran Polished Slab

New Golden Beach

New Golden Beach Polished Slab

New White Spring

New White Spring Polished Slab

Niva Antique Polished Slab

Niva Polished Slab

Niva Polished Slab – 14500


Pergaminho Polished Slab

Persian Pearl

Persian Pearl Polished Slab

Pietra Del Cardoso

Pietra Del Cardoso Honed Slab


Portofino Polished Slab

Red Dragon

Red Dragon Polished Slab

River Green

River Green Polished Slab

River White

River White Polished Slab

River White Suede

River White Suede Slab

Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain Polished Slab

Roma Imperiale

Roma Imperiale Polished Quartzite Slab

Sage Brush

Sage Brush Polished Slab

Sagitario Polished Slab

Sagitario Polished Slab

Salt and Pepper

Salt and Pepper Polished Slab

San Luiz close up 3

San Luiz Polished Slab

Santa Cecilia Amber Polished Slab

Santa Cecilia Amber Polished Slab

Santa Cecilia Classic

Santa Cecilia Classic Polished Slab

Santa Cecilia Light Slab

Santa Cecilica Light Polished Slab

Sapphire Blue

Sapphire Blue Polished Slab


Saturnia Polished Slab

Saturnia Suede

Saturnia Suede Slab

Saturnia Suede Slab


Sedna Polished Slab

Shimmer Gold

Shimmer Gold Polished Slab

Siena Beige

Siena Beige Polished Slab

Siena Bordeaux

Siena Bordeaux Polished Slab

Siena Bordeaux

Siena Bordeaux Suede Slab

Silver Pearl

Silver Pearl Polished Slab

Silver Pearl Suede Slab

Silver Pearl Suede Slab

Silver Waves

Silver Waves Polished Slab

Splendor Gold

Splendor Gold Polished Slab

Splendor Light

Splendor Light Polished Slab

Splendor White close 1

Splendor White Polished Slab

Star Beach

Star Beach Polished Slab

Stormy Night

Stormy Night Polished Slab

Sunset Cream Close Up

Sunset Cream Polished Slab

Super Classico

Super Classico Polished Slab

Super White-Brazilian Arabescato Quartzite

Super White-Brazilian Arabescato Quartzite Slab

Supreme Gold

Supreme Gold Polished Slab


Tahoe Polished Slab

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal Quartzite Polished Slab

Tan Brown Close Up

Tan Brown Polished Slab

Terra Brasilis close up

Terra Brasilis Grey Polished Slab

Terra Brasilis Polished Slab

Terra Grey

Terra Grey Polished Slab

Thunder White

Thunder White Polished Slab

Titanium Gold

Titanium Gold Polished Slab

Top Star

Top Star Polished Slab

Tropic Brown

Tropic Brown Polished Slab

Typhoon Green

Typhoon Green Polished Slab

Valle Nevado Slab

Valle Nevado Polished Slab

Venetian Gold Light

Venetian Gold Light Polished Slab

Venetian Gold Original

Venetian Gold Original Polished Slab

Venetian Gold Original Suede closeup2

Venetian Gold Original Suede Slab

Venetian Pearl Light Polished Slab

Venetian Pearl Light Polished Slab

Venetian Pearl

Venetian Pearl Polished Slab

Venetian Pearl Suede

Venetian Pearl Suede Slab

Verde Borgogna

Verde Borgogna Polished Slab

Verde Butterfly Expo

Verde Butterfly Expo Polished Slab

Verde Butterfly

Verde Butterfly Polished Slab

Verde Maritaka

Verde Maritaka Polished Slab

Via Lactea

Via Lactea Polished Slab

Via Lactea Suede

Via Lactea Suede Slab

Vicenza Brown Polished

Vicenza Brown Polished Slab

Vicenza Brown Suede

Vicenza Brown Suede Slab

Vintage White

Vintage White Polished Slab

Volga Blue Extra Dark

Volga Blue Extra Dark Polished Slab

White Macaubas Quartzite Polished Slab

White Spring

White Spring Polished Slab

White Torroncino

White Torroncino Polished Slab

White Wave closeup

White Wave Polished Slab

Yellow River

Yellow River Polished Slab

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