Granite Countertops in Herndon, VA 20170

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Granite Countertop in Herndon Virginia

As times change, we want to be as practical as possible to keep up. In the past, many people only focused on what is beautiful and aesthetic — now, we want everything not only to be pretty but also to be useful. Form should meet function perfectly, and we now have the technology to ensure that.

Despite this, some ancient things still have not lost their shine as the true melding of these qualities. Take granite, for example. Currently, a granite countertop seems to be the norm in kitchens around the world. Despite the experts’ consensus that granite countertops will be declining in popularity, around 56% of all kitchen countertop and kitchen island installations across the US are made of the material. Look around and you will surely find a granite countertop in Herndon, 20170, 20171,20172,20192,22095 and in nearby localities.

And with good reason, too: granite is known for its extraordinary qualities making it just the perfect material for the job. It possesses a hardness almost reaching near-diamond levels, which is perfect for a place that is subjected to repeated impacts. This also makes it a scratch-proof material, while resisting heat that may spill over from a nearby open stove top. It is also stain-proof, which is important in a place where cleanliness is of top priority.

In matters of aesthetics, granite leads the way as well. Take a look at any granite countertop in Herndon, and you would probably not see any two that are exactly the same! Being a natural element, granite contains a virtually infinite combination of colors and patterns, from softly melding gradients with light speckles to bold colors with stark swirls and veins. No matter what king of design or lighting you already have in place, there will surely be a granite countertop design to suit your needs. As a plus, granite is not as expensive as its marble counterpart, also a popular but pricey countertop material.

And the best part is that it won’t be hard at all to have professionals install a granite countertop in Herndon. After all, there are companies that are geared solely for this service. Following an online countertop estimation guide will give you the preliminary idea of what exactly you would need, and a free home estimate will make sure that all factors have been taken into account. It won’t be long before a friendly team of professionals install your very own granite countertop in Herndon!

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