Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Natural Stone Countertops


Layering countertops with natural stone has been quite a trend for the better part of two decades in the U.S. The natural crystals and tiny specks of quartz embedded in them just glisten after a good polishing. Also, they come in a variety of colors so you can even select specific colors that match the theme of your home.

Each block of natural stone is distinctively different from the other, so no two countertop designs can ever be identical. Isn’t that pretty awesome? Typically, the most common forms of natural stone used for countertops are marble, granite and quartz.

A marble countertop is a tough, heat resistant natural stone; pretty popular in modern home designs. A granite countertop is much more durable, able to withstand decades because it is one of the hardest known natural materials known to man. And quartz countertop, a strong, non porous amalgam of natural stone and resin can easily resist stains and scratches.

For centuries, natural stones have been used to display quality and durability. The problem is many people are often torn between which particular stone to use. This leads to making a lot of mistakes and causing buyers’ remorse. Here are some common mistakes made in choosing natural countertops:


Granite Countertops, Kitchen Island, Bathroom Vanity Kitchen-Countertops-Stafford-300x225 Common Mistakes Made When Choosing Natural Stone Countertops


1. Choosing the wrong stone – Understandably, this is the most common mistakes that folks make. Most of the time, people easily get carried away by the sheer magnificence of one stone and pay no thought of whether it really suits their kitchen or bathroom needs. Heat, cooking patterns, utensils, and frequency of countertop use, all play a huge role in deciding which stone to use for your countertops. Aesthetic quality alone shouldn’t be the only basis for choosing a particular stone for your home.

2. Choosing the Wrong counter space – Often, there are instances where stone countertops were not included in the original design of your kitchen or bathroom. But you want them for your home because of their immense functionalities, so you buy slabs of natural stone and have them layered over the existing countertop. But, can your counter space actually take it?

3. Sometimes, reading online DIYs can fill you with a sense of adventure. You suddenly can’t wait for an opportunity to do it yourself. But when choosing natural stone countertops, be sure to consult professional companies.

There are a couple of these companies in Maryland, and also in Washington DC area.

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